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New Homes in El Paso TX
With two decades of experience building El Paso’s highest quality homes, Pacifica’s reach extends beyond just the construction of your next residence. With most builders content building and selling homes as quickly as possible, we pride ourselves on our supervision and deep involvment in EVERY aspect of your homes surroundings. From the evalutation and purchasing of the land for our subdivisions, to the planning and layout of our lots, we oversee all work to ensure proper development beyond the walls of your home.

Over the years Pacifica has gained invaluable experience on the latest market trends, energy efficient building practices and materials selection. We feel that this history of education, improvement and “doing things right the first time” puts us head and shoulders above our competition, something that is demonstrated each time a client experiences one of our homes in person. This culture is carried by our employees, who with their dedication, reliability and long term commitment to Pacifica work hard to carry through our values into each nail, shingle and brushstroke. We know that a family depends on a home not only as a shelter, but also as an investment that is expected to accrue value, and it’s no secret that Pacifica homes are the smartest choice in their price range.

Whether you’re buying a just-built home or having us craft the home of your dreams, you can rest assured knowing that we are focused on thorough construction and not a quick buck. Take a moment to browse the quality section of our website to see a quick explanation of what we think makes a Pacifica home the perfect choice for you.

Every Pacifica home comes standard with a 2-10 warranty (2 years mechanical and 10 years foundation) ensuring your investment is protected by a reputable company. A certificate for your home’s Energy Star certification is provided to you as well.

Pacifica homes is rated A+ by the BBB, with zero complaints...If you’re home shopping, check out each builder you’re considering on the BBB.org website...you might be SUPRISED at the complaints you’ll find!

Pacifica Homes Inc prides itself on nearly two decades of the quality construction of homes for hundreds of families in El Paso, TX. With a commitment to excellent value, warranty service and “doing things right the first time”, my company has provided homes we can confidently say are more valuable, safer and more efficient than any other builders in our price range.

If you’ve been doing your homework as a homebuyer, you’ve probably noticed how some builders only talk about price. However, you know well that your home purchase is the most important investment you will make. With Pacifica, you are ensured that your home will be built with the utmost of care. Our quality
advantages span several key categories that you must consider before buying a home from any builder.

Watch Us Knock Out Our Competiton

Wonder how some builders can sell homes for lower-than-realistic prices? The answer is simple, by using substandard materials and shoddy labor. We can’t tell you which El Paso builders engage in these practices, but we can show you the right way, the Pacifca way.
Watch this army sargent tear through our competitions walls in this funny and shocking clip! View the video on Youtube!