A master craftsman is known by his reputation a dedication to his trade. Pacifica Homes Inc prides itself on nearly two decades of the quality construction of homes for hundreds of families in El Paso, TX. With a commitment to excellent value, warranty service and “doing things right the first time”, my company has provided homes we can confidently say are more valuable, safer and more efficient than any other builders in our price range.

If you’ve been doing your homework as a homebuyer, you’ve probably noticed how some builders only talk about price. However, you know well that your home purchase is the most important investment you will make. With Pacifica, you are ensured that your home will be built with the utmost of care.
An resourceful homebuyer will be aware of Pacifica's current quality advantages:


Let’s start at the base of your next home. The foundation is the concrete structure that your entire home’s weight will be supported on. Pacifica starts by testing the soil on each home’s lot to determine the soil type and density. Whereas most builders simply take random tests in their subdivisions to determine the soil type, we realize the importance of an exact measurement so that your foundation is safe, lasting and impenetrable. The foundation is laid with post tension, steel reinforced concrete to a depth specified to the lot’s soil test.


The walls and frame of your home protect you and your family from the elements and can be considered one of the most important aspects of your next residence. Where other builders are content with using regular 2x4 wood studs spaced a far 24" inches apart, Pacifica uses larger, stronger 2x6 studs at spaced 16" on center. This allows for a stronger frame and more room for insulation. Once the framing has been expertly assembled, it is time to insulate the frame. Because we believe in lowering our customers energy costs, we utilize more expensive R22 value insulation in the walls (learn more below) versus other builder’s inferior R17 insulation.

“What is R value?”

An R-value indicates an insulation's resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness.

The R-value depends on the type of insulation and includes its material, thickness, and density. When calculating the R-value of a multilayered installation, add the R-values of the individual layers. Installing more insulation in your home increases the R-value and the resistance to heat flow.


We cover the entire frame in plywood and Tyvek Insulating material, one of Pacifica’s key advantages. It is almost impossible to believe the materials other builders use on the exterior of their homes, often simply apply a flimsy, pliable foam material called SonoTex, which is then covered in felt and covered in stucco. This sandwich of materials can easily be punched through with a light punch, and is not desirable. Pacifica’s use of plywood ensures that your house is protected by a exterior that provides a SOLID surface.

Pacifica's use of synthetic stucco is superior to other builders traditional stucco in many ways. First, the consitency of our stucco means that the appearance of the exterior is smoother, more level and free of air bubbles, gaps and divots. Second, synthetic stucco has the pigment embedded in the material, meaning the color is part of the stucco, not painted on by hand with a roller. Resistant to fading and discoloration, imagine not having to repaint your homes exterior and the cost savings of our superior stucco! Your home is then covered with a 25 Year roof utilizing thick, premium shingles.


Your homes drywall is expertly secured into place on the framing using screws (vs some builders inferior and cheaper nails), sanded, finished, and taped to ensure the minimal heat transfer (making your home more energy efficient!). Another Pacifica advantage is that every home is energy star certified, and fitted with an efficient heating and AC forced air unit. This is essential to maintaing a comfortable environment that is not only pleasant, but easy on your monthly bills.

Continuing with the floor, Pacifica boasts 70-100% tile on the first floor on selected models. Our rigid tile lends a premium look and feel, and is easier to clean and maintain than large expanses of carpet. Selected Pacifica models include a deep sink, Delta or Moen brand gooseneck faucet. ALL our floorplans come with standard full appliance packages, with available upgrades.
Premium cabinets and granite are standard on selected models. Select Pacifica bathrooms include his and hers sink, a wide garden top bathtub, and tile in the shower from the floor to the ceiling. You won’t find any ugly fiberglass one-piece tubs in our homes! We use quality plumbing and lighting fixtures on every home. We also include a basic washer and dryer package so your home is ready to go as soon as you move in! Your choice of shutters or mini blinds complete the build of your home and it’s time for you to fire up the moving truck and settle into your brand new, meticulously crafted Pacifica home.